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 Please note: I am a real person & I will answer live questions about Global Virtual Opportunities. Feel free to reach out to me. Met Rivers 904-993-1010.

Now I’ve been on the internet longer than this company has [pre-launch] and I had never heard of Global Virtual Opportunities before. Just goes to show you, no matter how much you think you know – you don’t.

NOTE – This is a review Click Here to visit Global Virtual Opportunities Official website.

I do want to take a moment to thank everyone for patiently waiting for my GVO review to be completed. I want you to know that I did do my homework here and this will be the most complete, comprehensive and unbiased review on the web.

GVO Academy

I’ll start with the cache of heavyweight instructor’s, Trainer’s, and Leaders who transfer all the valuable how-to information into you. Any marketing skill-sets you lack will be shored up within GVO academy. Global Virtual Opportunities boast a host of well known internet marketer’s who willingly give of their time and expertise. You have Claire Poulton who trains on mastering websites. Including basice html, css or WP, how to use all the tools in the GVO tool chest. There’s also Kim and SaRita, both social media godesses covering everything from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more. Inside you’ll meet Deb Lane and Steph Remers who educate on Profit Based Products, essentially how to acquire clients and charge them for your expertise.

Photo image of Instructor Steph Remers
Profit Based Products
Photo image of Instructor Sarita Hartin
Social Networks Instr.
Photo image of Instructor Kim Nesbitt
Social Media Training

GVO’s Tool Cache

Photo image of Claire Poulton
Claire Poulton

If you’re considering any kind of  marketing online, whether it be Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank, MaxBounty, MLM, or Network Marketing, there are tools that you will inevitably need the same basic tools that all the top gurus use not matter what stage of marketing you’re at in you’re career. One of the first things you must have if you’re serious is an autoresponder, then you will need some type of video maker and a way to get it out to all the video sites quickly. (Youtube) is not the only game in town. You will also need some type of virtual meeting room to hold your webinars – hotel meetings are becoming more and more obsolete. Another thing you need to consider is your very own website. Not a replicated company website that everyone in you company has access to. You need to be able to brand yourself as the expert. And of course you will need some place for that web site to “live” in comes the web hosting comes into play. Not to mention something  that generates leads.

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GVO guarantees your emails will be delivered if you’re a legitimate bulk emailer. With the Titanium package, you can have as many campaigns going as you need. You can create opt-in forms which sends out a Thank You page after they opt-in. They recommend you use the double opt-in strategy. You have the ability to customize your forms at will. For example; say you want to collect more information than just the name and email and make it required that they enter all the info. You can do that. It performs just as well as any top autoresponder on the market. You could import and export a list of subscribers if you have the need to do that.

GVO's Easy Video Producer Logo
GVO Easy Video Producer

Easy Video Producer – Professional High Quality video will separate you from the rest instantly. You must have a video producer or movie maker of some type so that your credibility isn’t even questioned. Video is essential to getting folks to Know, Like and Trust you in this business. EVP directly relates to eRESPONDER Pro because it allows you to create video capture pages which is where it’s at right now hands down. You simply embed the video code into the custom template you select and that’s it. The custom templates cover many industries such as Real Estate, Business, Health, Family, Business Opportunity and so on. So your web presence is targeted to the niche you’re trying to attract.

Click Here To Test Out The Easy Video Producer For Yourself And See How Simple It Is To Create Awesome Video Capture Pages.

GVO Conference Logo
GVO Conference

GVO Conference – Another arrow to have in your quiver is the ability to hold your own meetings online. Nothing screams leader louder than hosting you very own webinars. In this business “positioning” is everything. Your posture and the way you’re perceived by your followers is paramount. GVO conference is a real time communications tool. It’s much easier and cheaper to invite people to an full online presentation than it is to a hotel room. (How many No-shows have you experienced in your business?) A great example is my own personal one. There was a webinar I did not want to miss and I knew I would be unable to make it home in time to catch it. What did I do? I pulled the meeting up on my smart phone and attended it while commuting safely. If I had to make this meeting a hotel across town, I’m confident I would not have made the effort. If you feel a 5 seat conference room would not accommodate your needs then Meet Cheap is where you should start your search.

GVO's Blogger Builder Logo
Blogger Builder

Moving right along. Blogger Builder runs on the “Gift from the Gods” WordPress content management software. It’s equipped with a complete layout manager, allowing you to create a website in no time. It has hundreds of header designs and dozens of categories built right in. It’s important that your website be congruent with your message and Blogger Builder allows you to show that you know what you’re doing. This comes Free with your hosting account.

GVO's Prospecting System Logo
GVO’s Prospecting System


Prospecting System – We’re far from done yet. You need to generate tons of targeted leads that come through your sales funnel. GVO’s Prospecting System is connected to you e Responder as it should be. With Ad Copy already written for you which can be tweaked by you. The money is in your list as they say! It’s so brain dead simple to set up too. Just click on one of the many templates and fill out the form with your name and email address and click submit and it’s been activated. How easy was that? Since there is already a prospecting campaign set up in your eResponder, next thing to do is to set your follow up messages. This thing is very powerful! It’s a fully automated system.


With all that we just covered and all of the value you’ll get free just by giving GVO the responsibility to be your web host provider. There will be times when the $9.97 package becomes insufficient to be able to keep up with your growth. Not to worry, GVO has what they dub the Titanium package which will run you just under $45. right now. That may change in the future of course. There is also a Platinum and a Silver Packages available.

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What Don’t I Like About GVO?

  • I don’t care for a lot of the Opt-in pages and templates – I cannot find the one that suits my quirky tastes, though any one of these will work just fine.
  • Although I am saving money with GVO, there still is a monthly investment involved. I like free.
  • I don’t like the fact that it took me over 2 years past the initial launch to hear about the existence of GVO. I don’t like to think of all the savings I missed out on.

(As you can see I really had to stretch hard to find things I didn’t like about GVO. I admit my reasons are petty).

What Do I Like About GVO?

  • GVO own’s their entire Data Center. This includes all the Servers and the Hard Drives inside them, all the Software Codes and even the Fiber Optics which means they won’t be needing a government bailout anytime soon.
  • GVO is really ridiculously affordable, even for the newest person joining the ranks of internet marketing.
  • To experience absolutely everything that GVO has to offer will still run you under $45/mo. while similar systems will set you back twice that amount.
  • GVO offers video tutorials for each tool that they have. I mean these videos are detailed and step-by-step.
  • GVO academy is available to everyone who needs to learn a new skill-sets. The academy educates you on why these tools are needed and how to best put them to use to explode your business.
  • GVO’s price has gone down since it launched two years ago even after added more tremendous services.

My Final Thoughts On GVO.

Though I’m very new to GVO, I’ve been around long enough to know what’s being offered here is amazing. I am swapping a lot of my current marketing pieces out for the ones offered inside GVO. I won’t miss a beat either. I don’t know where you are in your business right now. But, if you’re new to marketing online, I would recommend giving GVO’s system a try via their TRIAL offer. Keep this in mind while you’re deciding on which way to go in you career from here., Using your company’s tired old replicated websites that they give you – screams seminar graduate! You have to set yourself apart from everyone else in your company and on the internet for that matter. This is a small price to pay for gaining Posture. You must understand that your posture and your positioning online is critical to your business success online.


Photo image of Vic Bilson
Vic Bilson

Vic Bilson

Vic Bilson specializes in helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, special interest groups and organizations become more successful in reaching their target audience using the Internet. I especially like GVO because it provides all the necessary tools an Internet marketer needs under one roof for one low price, supplemented with training resources to help anybody put all these tools into play to build their online business empire. Website:          Dedicated Server Owner with.. GVO Hosting Titanium Account GVO Conference Elite Easy Video Producer

Photo image of James Buckle
James Buckle

You guy’s got a great thing going with your products and hosting,very professional and a great opportunity to learn about marketing and getting all the tools needed with your system . To Your Success, James Buckle….AKA,Jimmy Buckle Website:

Photo image of Claire Poulton and spouse
Claire Poulton

Claire Poulton

The launch of GVO Conference has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? For those of us who have been with Kiosk and Hot Conference since the beginning, it it just too exciting. We have GREAT plans for the GVO Conference rooms that we have, and I know what we have planned will be an eye-opener for anyone who is promoting their business either online or offline will see the enormous potential of GVO Conference. The move to San Antonio was a HUGE step for you and your families to take, but it has paid off for you and for each one of us who are members of GVO Hosting and GVO Conference.

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MeetCheap Web Hosting

Web Hosting Reviews

Best Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting you have to factor in more than just name recognition. That’s where CEO Joel Therien’s genius comes in. Joel was not content to release a product that was sub-par. His game plan was to unveil a product that would be a no brainer for all who came across it. His intent was to create the biggest launch that ever took place on the internet. I don’t know if that goal was met; I’m still researching that claim.

Photo image of CEO Joel Therien
GVO CEO Joel Therien

Who is Joel Therien? Well Joel has been around in the internet marketing/network marketing game for over 12 years. He struggled in his MLM business forever until he learned these 3 secrets that he became known for. He also built one of internet’s largest “web hosting” platforms along the way.

  1. Branding Yourself Online – Even then Joel stresses that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to do this. The single most important thing he did in his business was to video blog. Joel video blogged 3x a week without fail. As he tells it, repetition, consistency, HQ along with good audio and great lighting with decent surroundings will do the job.      Know, Like and Trust = Your Brand
  2. Creating Your Competitive Advantage – Joel talks about the first thing you need to do is have your own website and own your own domain. This forces you to stand out from all the others in your company that are using the replicated websites that the company gives to everyone coming in the door. You then have to create an info product sometimes referred to as a caffeine product. You must offer an extremely high value info product that complements or enhances the product or service you’re marketing for free. It’s ok to charge a nominal fee like $5 or $10 or so. One of the key factors of this product to keep in mind is it has to be congruent with what you’re promoting as well, that’s very important. Joel goes on to talk about more advanced strategies such as creating a down-line building club which super-charges your business.
  3. Generating Endless Leads Using The Internet For Free – It appears that Joel’s method of generating traffic is through search engines. Optimizing you website to attract leads to you. That’s a skill set all it’s own and requires a good bit of education on your part to make this happen. But I’m a believer that anything can be learned. The second biggest thing to focus on once you’ve cracked the code to all this traffic is to monetize and convert the traffic. Joel Therien goes on to explain how having a optimal web design contributes to this success. Making it easier for visitors to navigate and flow through you site with the main focus of getting that Name and Email. You have no other purpose other than that. What remains is building a relationship over a follow up series of 7 emails in which you provide more excellent value for zero cost. Your goal is to gain that **K-L-T over this period of time. The law of reciprocation.

Hosting Company

What Joel Therien has done with his web hosting alternative was to make it so very affordable. Affordable enough for me to make the switch from a very well know host provider. Who knows if I’ll remain here or not. What I do know is there is nothing out there that comes close to this value so far.

Making Money With Your Web Hosting

I’m very excited about GVO because I love to save money in all areas of my business.

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Web Hosting

GVO Conference Missed! DANG!

GVO's Make Money Live Better Banner
Global Virtual Opportunities

GVO Conference

It sucks that I missed the GVO conference that took place at the ‘M’ resort in Las Vegas! I’m not too upset about it because I didn’t know anything about the existence of  Global Virtual Opportunities until just recently. That famous phrase we’re all too familiar with, “This Is Too Good To Be True” suits this product perfectly.

I am personally associated with what are considered two of internets premier players when it comes to internet marketing and branding. Two excellent systems I might add., but they cost 5x more. Now I realize, “price is only an issue in the absence of value” – [Tom Hopkins]. The web hosting and business building tools included here are unmatched – period! I’m scratching my head as to how they can offer so much stuff for so little investment and still turn a profit.

Great Business Building Tool

You can test drive this business building system for a full 7 days at $1.00. I seem to always give second thoughts to recurring monthly fees for this system and that system. But for less than $10/month, I spend that a fast food joint w/o even blinking. Let’s look into this thing a little bit more to see what’s here.

Web Hosting Review

(I do apologize for the quality of the video here. The connection where this was shot happened to be poor)

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